A man and young boy are sitting
on a bench staring out to sea,
the silence is only broken
by the buzzing of a bee.

A father and son who both know
time is running out
struggle for the right words
to eliminate any doubt.

In his mind the father knows
what he needs to say
as he comes to terms with
meeting his judgement day.

His body once strong is facing
a battle he knows he will not win
and now sitting here is left
wondering where to begin.

His young son places his hand
on his fathers,
squeezes it tightly while wishing
his was the touch of a healers.

He already knows
that his father has not long
but he takes it on himself
to be the one who is strong,

Everything will be alright
he lies to his Dad,
the good memories we shared
will always outweigh the bad

and I promise to live my life
in a way that would fill you with pride.
His Father looks at him with tears in his eyes,
you already have, he softly replies.

father and son walking on the street
Photo by cihat u00f6zsaray on


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