Bury my Soul

I would like to bury my soul
and dance on its grave.
Tear out the emptiness inside
and tell it to behave.

I want to find a reason
to make it all worthwhile.
Something in the mirror that
looks back and makes me smile.

I want to forget about
what has already occurred
and find someplace that
will leave my heart stirred.

The clock is ticking
and I know I haven’t long
to find that place
where I truly belong.

person sky silhouette night
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com


    1. The novel usage of burying the soul is stirring.

      In introspection, unconsciously we have indeed buried our souls all our lives.

      We are living to satisfy our senses, our minds unbridled..

      Infact, this is the time for resurrection of the soul.

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