Say Farewell

Say farewell to those days
when the sun always shone,
farewell to the days
when you were never alone.

Say hello to those nights
that will fill you with dread,
hello to the nightmares
that will enter your head.

Say farewell to a life
you could once control,
farewell to a life
which once had hope in its soul.

Say hello to a future
where you can’t help but lose,
hello to a future
where all you hear is bad news.

man sitting on bench
Photo by Tomé Louro on


  1. Much as I love your writing style, and understand these sentiments, I see the glass half empty when I read this. And see many for whom aloneness is a joy. I think it takes a certain skill and attitude to learn to network when life isolates. A particular issue with elderly, and surprisingly, many young who are letting go of courtesy and forming very superficial relationships of convenience where there should be longer lasting friendship. My glass is half full, and I had to learn new ways to keep it that way after moving to a new locality where meeting like minded people was very hard.

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