A Different Time

I had not seen you
in quite a while
and the sight of you
made me smile.

Thinking back on
the history we shared
and those silly adventures
that we dared.

Our innocence
was our only crime
but then again,
it was a different time.

Silly pranks for which now
we could be arrested,
the victims unhappy,
but we were never detested.

A kick in the pants
and sent on our way
with a stern warning
in our ears not to stray.

Sadly, those days
now have been lost,
replaced by the need to win
no matter what the cost.

Life back then seemed
a lot more mysterious,
while now everything
has got far too serious.

black and white boys children curiosity
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


  1. People don’t know how to have fun. Because the end result is the only thing people want to display or share… And they perpetuate this “beautifully curated” version of themselves and block and delete any word that doesn’t conform to their self guilded ego. Whatever

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