I have to escape,
to run and hide.
There is no one left
who is on my side.

They want to look
behind my eyes
to see if what’s in
my head is all lies.

They cannot see it
so it must not be real,
this nothingness inside
that I feel.

They suspect
it is all an act
and now they want
to watch me react,

when they put their
suspicions to me
will I show them
what they need to see.

They must think
I want to be this way,
to live like a recluse
day after day.

To go to bed and
be afraid to dream
because when you do
you wake up and scream.

They all consider
me to be a fraud
when in reality
all I am is flawed.

man standing on seashore
Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com


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