Now that I know

I am not good enough,

I curl up in a ball

and hideaway

when times get tough.

A voice in my head tells me

to pull myself together,

but that’s not easy

when you have reached

the end of your tether.

What optimism I had

is now non-existent,

swallowed up by

the doubts that were

far more persistent.

I can’t get rid

of this feeling

that makes me nauseous,

I guess it’s payback

for all the years

I was too cautious.

Instead of taking

the chance to be free

I lived my life

in monochrome instead of 3D.

man walking on floor
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  1. Great lines and stunning Title.

    Yes. Many of us live in black.

    If we add white, it becomes a dichrome.

    Pessimism has been ruining our lives.. And you have brought it out beautifully in your verse.

    The power of verse is that it cleanses and energizes the writer and inspires the reader.

    I love this.

    Liked by 1 person

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