Are you a passenger

on the train of life?

keeping your head down

avoiding any strife.

Trundling through

just trying to get by,

not brave enough

to ever wonder why.

Or are you the driver

on the train of life?

carving your way through

like a sharp knife.

Looking for opportunities

to improve your lot,

leaving behind the things

that need to be forgot.

I am just a passenger

on this train,

no matter what may happen

I will not complain.

Sitting silently

and going with the flow,

why not?

I’ve nowhere else to go.

photo of two men standing near railway station
Photo by Skitterphoto on


  1. Ah, the Lord is my driver! My life’s partner and I petition Him for direction and safe travel. It’s a wonderful journey! I like your analogy – but I can’t sit back and just “go with the flow” as easily as you do. I’m busy enjoying the scenery, meeting other passengers, and asking, “Are we there yet?”

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