Fighting Back

Once I had placed you on a pedestal

but now I am telling you to go to hell,

I am breaking down the walls you put up

and I am escaping from this cell.

For too long you held me prisoner

because I believed all you had said

but now I am fighting back

and will not rest until you are dead.


Invisible to everyone else,

over the years you took control,

you thought you had won

the keys to my soul.

You prevented me from enjoying all

the special moments I should have had

by convincing me I was not worthy

and that I was going slightly mad.

You did not count on me summoning up

the strength to fight back,

that one day I would rise from my knees

to fend off your attack.

It has taken a long time

but finally my eyes have opened

and now it is you who has lost

because your influence has been broken,

your once strong voice

has been replaced by a whisper

which grows quieter with every step

I take into the future.

man doing boxing
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