Thank You John

He was a man who never

hid behind a gun

knowing after years struggle

his time would come.

Justice and equality for all

was his driving force

and throughout the years

he did not waver from this course.

He argued his points to those

in the highest of office

and with secretive men and women

whose opinions were the polar opposite.

He did not believe land more important

than the people who inhabited it,

there was more than enough space

for people from different persuasions to fit.

For over thirty years he toiled

to help find a peaceful solution

and now the fruits of his labour

is now enshrined in a nations constitution.

Then with minimal fanfare

he retreated into the background

to enjoy his retirement in his hometown

which once was a battleground.

Thank you John,

for helping my country find peace

and for giving its oppressed people

the belief to rise up off their knees.

john hume



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