Due to Circumstances

I watch from a distance

as they treat you like dirt

but due to circumstances

I cannot express my hurt.

You broke my heart when you said

I was not good enough for you

and there were more interesting options

available for you to pursue.

Every Saturday night

I was informed of what you had done

by mutual friends

who did not believe the lies you spun.

They said with sadness

you had lost your way

but was blaming me

for leading you astray.

All I had ever done wrong

was to give you my heart

then let you walk all over me

as you tore it apart.

Now I see you hanging with

your new cool crowd,

their latest plaything

whom the abuse out loud.

I want to confront them

and put them in their place

then turn to you and see

a look of regret upon your face,

instead I leave with

my head bowed low

afraid I might be seen before

I can return to the shadows.

gray scale photo of man covering face with his hands
Photo by Daniel Reche on Pexels.com

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