I am hanging on

by the thinnest of threads,

the world around me

has sent me to bed.

I am no longer able

to see a way out,

obstacles have been placed

on any possible escape route.

I thought I had began

to regain some control

until new issues arrived

and they have now taken hold.

There are only so many times

I can get back on my feet

and fight back against the demons

who wish to make me obsolete.

I feel I am of no use to anyone,

I am just in their way.

I do not think I will be missed

if I do not decide to stay.

sunset love lake resort
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  1. Every thing will work out in the end. Some deep thoughts pinned well in words. These thoughts all of us go through at some point. Hang in there. The world is crule but you have tough. Survival of the fittest

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