Before I am Dead

Having spent the best part of my life

doing what was expected,

day to day being looked down upon

and never respected.

I hid away to try and figure out

where it was, I had gone wrong,

only to discover the answer

was in front of me all along.

I had lived my life

by other people’s rules,

I treated my imagination

as a hindrance instead of a jewel.

I was afraid to think for myself

or ever step out of line

believing any idea I may have

would be rejected for simply being mine.

At last now I have had my fill

and no longer care what they say,

I am going to follow my dreams

without any more delays.

I may have wasted my past

but my future is still ahead

and there is still so much

I can achieve before I am dead.

window view of sea during golden hour
Photo by Jeffrey Czum on

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