Oh No

Oh no why would they ever want to

listen to my words

these people who look in the mirror

and only see awards,

who believe they are

the experts in their art

while in private laugh at

the sound of their own farts.

Oh no my words

are not nearly good enough

for those people who believe

they know their stuff,

whose opinions are the

only ones that matter

living in their ivory towers

gorging themselves and getting fatter.

Oh no they will never listen

to what I have to say

these people who kiss their reflection

at the end of every day,

they look down on me

as if I was an illiterate fool

without realising they are the ones

who are bound by the rules,

they think they are different

but they are all the same

in their relentless pursuit

of recognition and fame.

motivational quotes
Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com


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