A Nation’s Fear

Too late now to admit

you made a mistake,

surrendering to populism

you declared the virus a fake.

Thousands have died and many more

have been hospitalised on your watch

while you sat smugly and said

your administrations response was top-notch.

You even suggested that people

could be injected with disinfectant

only for right thinking scientists

to roll their eyes at this statement.

Nothing you say now can repair

the damage you have inflicted,

the results of your inaction

was too easily predicted.

The only thing of concern to you

is winning another four years

so you have redoubled your effort

to stoke a nations fears.

Your unbridled narcissism will make sure

you will not leave the stage quietly

even if was to help save

your country’s divided society.

Do you actually believe what you say,

is there no limit to your vanity

no matter how many times

people question your sanity.

american flag kerchief waving in wind against blurred modern city
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com


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