Today’s Crossword

A pint of Guinness

and a kind word

then you settle down

for today’s crossword.

Two across describes someone

who lives on their own,

you struggle for an answer

but you know what it is to be alone.

Hermit! the answer pops

into your head

while four down describes

a special type of bread,

You put the paper down

and take a drink

then close your eyes

to try and think,

beginning with the letter T

and it is also round,

Tortilla! that is it

the solution has been found.

You fold over the paper

and put the pen on top

while you think of

what you need from the shop.

A dinner for one

does not seem worth the effort

especially without

something nice for desert.

Maybe another pint

and then some chips on the way home,

just in time for that documentary

on the television about ancient Rome.

You order another pint

and think what the hell

it is warm and comfortable here

so you order a large whiskey as well.

person writing on puzzle win paper
Photo by Matthias Zomer on

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