Hello America

Hello America,

 is there anyone awake?

what more does he have to do

before you realise, he is a fake.

How many more lies and untruths

does he have to say

before it dawns on you

he is no Abraham Lincoln or JFK.

Instead he preys on the

weakest in society,

accumulating wealth while his country

spirals towards anarchy.

In New York city unknown souls

are being buried in mass graves

while he sits in the Oval office

defending former owners of slaves.

Hello America,

is this what you have become?

a nation of parasites

who only feel numb,

 where human life is treated

as a commodity

and the poorest of the poor

are forced into sodomy.

A land where water is poisoned

and healthcare comes at a premium,

where celebrities who do nothing

are then thought of as awesome.

Hello America,

this is your wake up call,

it’s time to look at yourself and realise

life is not all apple pie and baseball,

that the majority of your citizens

never get close to the American dream

instead they are stuck in a nightmare

that makes them want to scream.

They watch advertisements

featuring people with perfect teeth

enticing them to spend and borrow

until they have nothing to eat.

 The greatest country on earth

tries to hide its inadequacies

by pointing the finger

at foreign adversaries.

Goodnight America,

I hope you wake up with

a brand new attitude

and not end up paying

for your President’s ineptitude.

architecture art clouds landmark
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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