Nine Minutes

For nine minutes you pressed

your knee into his neck,

squeezing out the last

of his dignity and respect.

You chose to ignore

the bystanders concern,

believing this is the only way

these people learn.

“I can’t breathe”

he cried out in distress.

He could not breathe

but you could not care any less.

Did you feel like a big man

as you held him down,

you had a badge and a gun,

 you were the law of this town.

After he passed out

you did not loosen your hold,

for you were the master

and he would do as he was told.

One week later

and your country is on fire,

people have had enough of

the bullshitters and liars.

You murdered one man

that fateful day

but he has a family of millions

who will now have their say.

No doubt your lawyers will attempt to

 free you on a technicality,

they will fail for the whole world

has witnessed the results of your brutality.