Fallen Star

Your music calls out from

beyond your grave

on all the Spotify playlists

I have saved.

You sing of lost love

and regret

in a voice so unique it is

impossible to forget.

Your star shone among

the brightest

and for a while you were regarded

as the greatest.

But slowly overtime

your star began to dim

as people only wanted to remember you

when you were slim.

They mocked you and made fun

of your appearance

they very same ones who had

offered you their reverence.

You slowly withdrew

and faded away,

left to live with your memories,

it got harder each day.

Your star fell to earth

one bright summers morning,

the news of your passing

hit the world without warning.

Only then did they realise

what they had lost

a man who had shared himself

despite the personal cost.

adolescent adult black and white casual
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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