Motorway Services

Wiping down tables

and sweeping the floors

then emptying the bins

for an encore.

Trying to look as if you’re happy

in your position

but after three years of college

you never foresaw this situation.

Rising at five o’clock to catch

a lift to the motorway services,

to spend another day

the subject of peoples prejudices,

They look down on you

as you clean up their dirt

while thinking what you do

is not of any worth.

You tell yourself

that things will get better

and maybe next year

you can move out of that bedsitter.

One of those job applications

will bear fruit

and instead of this gaudy uniform

you will go to work in a suit.

You look at your older colleagues

and wonder did they have a dream,

or were they too afraid

to swim against the stream.

Maybe they can switch off

when they get home,

drinking a glass of wine

as they soak in a bath full of foam.

While you go to bed with

a feeling of nausea about tomorrow,

knowing at the motorway services

you will be held incommunicado.


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