Had Enough

Social worker
bangs on a door

looking for
a child of four.

Has not been seen
in over a week,

sure as hell is not
playing hide and seek.

Neighbour first
made the call,

said she had never
seen a child so small.

Police Officer
checks out back,

looks around
and finds some tracks.

Footprints lead
to an outbuilding,

opens the door
while his partners filming.

There in the corner
underneath a sheet,

he sees the outline
of two little feet.

Pulls it back
and then retreats,

small child lying
as if asleep.

Cannot touch him
until medics come.

Turns around
and heads for the home.

Smash’s down the door
and pulls out his gun.

Aims it at the bastard
who tries to run.

Stops him with
one shot to the head.

Never so glad
to see someone dead.

Throws his gun
down on the floor,

looks at his partner
standing in the door.

Gives him his badge
and puts his hand up.

Whispers quietly…..
“I just had enough”.

abandoned architecture barn bungalow
Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com


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