The news report it as
a matter of fact,
no empathy in their tone
as they
attempt to distract.

Human lives are portrayed as numbers
on a coloured graph
too many lives to be remembered
in a single epitaph.

Every day the numbers
steadily increase
as those on lockdown
grow more obese.

Their minds starved
of stimulation
as they contemplate the effect
on future generations.

By the time we re-emerge
in a few weeks
life will have changed,
with no shaking of hands
or kisses on cheeks.

Social distancing will have become
the new normal
as tactile people learn
how to act formal.

Maybe the only advantage
of this lockdown
is that life will be valued
and people
will slowdown

to appreciate the moment and not wish
their lives away,
by not always looking to the future
and wasting the present day.

grayscale photo of steel chain with padlock
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

1 Comment

  1. This poem has so many emotions wrapped in one; of the hollow news agencies, of the families losing their dear ones, of hope that good days will be upon us and that each moment is precious 🙂


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