Grandparents being taken

without a chance to say goodbye,

grandchildren left devastated

and asking for the reason why.

No final embrace as a stranger

stands by their side,

a stranger battling heroically

to try and turn back this tide.

A tsunami of death

is heading our way,

as brave heroes fight the surge

the rest of us pray.

Grandparents being buried

without their loved ones near,

grandchildren watch from a distance

their eyes filled with tears.

man and child walking near bushes during daytime
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com




  1. Here in the Detroit. People dying alone. Not enough care givers. Poor children are learning hard lessons. No school, can’t see their grandparent and can’t see their friends. Stay in yard life. Prison for the children and the poor grandparent. Separated by this coronaviras. I pray for better days.

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