David Bowie Song

Imagine waking up and
everyone is gone,
turning on the TV you see
a message from the Pentagon.

It says you are
the last man standing
and you better take cover
for aliens are after landing.

Would you think it is all
part of a David Bowie song
when the Spiders from Mars
take control of Hong Kong.

Could you be the hero
who will save the world
or would you think this isn’t real
it’s far too absurd.

But then your phone rings
and it’s Major Tom
telling you in thirty minutes
he going to detonate a bomb.

 Nowhere to run
and time running out,
you put on a CD to hear it
directly from his mouth.

He sings of extinction
and life on mars,
you pull back the curtains
to look towards the stars.

But instead you see people
walking down the street
and your reflection in the glass
is as white as a sheet.





  1. I love this song it reminds me of my dad. Which they’re a story here about something a little odd that happed to my dad once as a young boy and now at 65 something else. Im running late but ill be back to share this story about my dad and his major tom experience.

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