A Black Mark

Men don’t talk through fear
of seeming weak,
afraid of the reaction
should they dare to speak.

They can only think
of all it might spoil
if they opened their mouth
and unleashed their inner turmoil.

They worry they will never
be treated the same
and have a black mark
ticked against their name.

No one will ask them for help
or even their opinion
and they will no longer be
involved in any major decision.

They would much prefer
to suffer in silence
then to feel like
they are an inconvenience.

photo of man leaning on wooden table
Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com


  1. Seeking support & help is important
    you should not be afraid to seek it
    that black mark you are talking about
    one that is ticked against your name
    is for you to remember to be afraid
    not opening your mouth is a shame
    it’s a nasty trick from your depression
    cause once you receive good help
    you can win, depression can be tamed.

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