Final Destination

None of us are on

the same journey

each of us must follow

a different road

and on our backs,

we must carry

our own cumbersome load.

When we set out,

we do not know

where the road will lead us

or whether the load

we carry is superfluous.

It is only on our journey

that the path will become clear

and then we must make

the decision whether to proceed

with bravery or fear.

Some of us will be given

the luxury of a head start

while others will have to be content

with having a good heart.

But no matter how long

our journey takes

we will all end up at

the same finish line

where we will wait for

our final destination to be assigned.

person in black jacket walking on snow covered pathway between trees
Photo by Domen Mirtič Dolenec on



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