Man’s Best Friend

I shout at the dog for no reason

then leave him outside

until he is freezing.

He looks at me in bewilderment

trying to figure out

the cause of my embitterment.

Where is the person

who use to tickle his belly,

now I just complain

about him being smelly.

I don’t know where

that person has gone,

once I was outgoing

but now I’m withdrawn.

I pat his head and tell him

I’m sorry,

he deserves better

than having to worry

about which version of me

is coming through the door

and whether it’s treats

or insults that’s in store.

A man’s best friend

even through the hard times,

who will stand by your side

through rain or sunshine.

adult golden retriever close up photography
Photo by Svetozar Milashevich on


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