Hard Times

The rent is due but

there is no money left,

do I bury my head

and blame it on theft.

I can’t tell them that

I have just being fired

after promising them

what their heart desired.

Hard times have come

calling to my door

I never did think

I would end up poor.

The dreams that I had

have been swept away,

now for the first time

I’m unable to pay my way.

Shame has landed on me

like a dead weight,

leaving me lost

in this unfamiliar state

I know I cannot hide it

from them for too long,

I may summon up what pride

I have left and pretend to be strong,

I will tell them I will fix

everything and not to worry,

that it is just a blip

and their Daddy’s very sorry.

shallow focus of clear hourglass
Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

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