The fire is being selfish

with its heat

my shoes are off

trying to warm my feet.

Another cold winters night

as I sit here alone

by candlelight.

Electricity bill

remains unpaid

as I await the bailiffs raid.

His knock will soon

be upon my door

to evict

another man who’s poor.

Is it my fault

that I cannot pay

and that the banker

has the final say.

I wait here afraid to nap

with a gun

cocked and loaded on my lap.

black and gray chair beside brown concrete building
Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com


  1. It really is a messed up system. For instance, my grandfather left us his house, debt-free, paid-in-full, but we couldn’t keep it because the damn property taxes were so high. You never really own anything in this world 😦

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