Kitchen Sink Drama

In this kitchen sink drama

that we call our life

you stand in front of me

pointing a knife.

I tell you it’s not true and

plead for your forgiveness

the story you have heard

I swear is fictitious.

How could you ever believe

I would be unfaithful,

that you are my wife

I will be eternally grateful.

Lies have been spread by

people who want us to part,

they very same ones

who were against us from the start.

Pause now before you do

something you will regret,

put that knife away

and I’ll promise to forget.

For if you don’t you are

playing into their hands

and they’ll be overjoyed

you acted on their command.

Who wins when you are in jail

and I’m in the ground,

it will all be too late then

when the truth is eventually found.

water flows from the tap to sink
Photo by Kaboompics .com on


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