I was never able

 to sing a song,

I would always

input words

that didn’t belong.

And while I thought

I might captivate,

It always ended in failure,

for my voice wasn’t great.

Realising I would never

be able to confess

I decided to try

another avenue to impress.

I picked up a pen

and let it lead me astray,

To rewrite me

memories of yesterday.

Back to a time

when I was young and naïve,

a web of lies

 I could easily weave.

My personal history

looks a lot brighter

now that I am

my own scriptwriter.

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  1. It’s called healing… self healing anyway. The wounds of your soul accumulated from both ancient collective and contemporary personal history, to be able to move forward in your present self to a more beautiful and shining future…
    I dunno… guild your self in the armour of your ancestors, learn the lessons of family karma, and attempt to prevent inflicting those wounds upon your future generations.
    Maybe. Something like that. I think.

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