The Greatest Loss

To lose a child and then

hear it was God’s will,

to be expected to carry on

after your life has stood still.

To hear it was all

part of a specific plan

and you have to be strong

because you are the man.

To have to place him

in a small white casket,

then forever by your side

like an unwanted mascot.

To hide the tears

you so want to shed,

then going to bed, wishing

it was you that was dead.

baby bed blue blur
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  1. Where’s the sad button? I think losing a child must be the hardest burden on earth to bear. Even with faith that we’ll see him/her again someday, that does not mend the pain of life on earth without that offspring. I hope this is your empathy reaching out to others, and it didn’t happen to you.

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  2. I miscarried my fourth child at 21 weeks. I wasn’t given any support that was helpful to me. I will never forget when a female minister of a church told me ‘its God will’ ‘you would never be able to work for the Lord with four children’. The same lady had four children of her own but had also had 8 miscarriages herself. Even the hospital had the nerve to ask me if I didn’t want the child seen I had previously had 3 healthy babies with no problems. People can be so cruel.

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  3. Such pain in your words. Everyone needs time to heal and grieve. Noone should tell you it was God’s plan, in my opinion, it made it worse when people said this to me. Hugs and understanding sent from my home to yours.

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