Diddly Squat

Looking out my window

as the world passes by

imaging what it would be like

if I could fly.

Then I would depart

this tiresome place

and go somewhere that might

put a smile on my face.

Someplace where the sun never sets

and where you don’t

have the time to think

of your regrets.

Instead opportunities

are around every corner

and no one looks at you

as if you were a foreigner.

Everybody is equal and

there is plenty of love to go around

and all your hopes and dreams

are there waiting to be found.

Not like this place

where everything is a battle

and where we are all treated

like a herd of cattle.

Told to be happy

and satisfied with our lot

and if that doesn’t suit us

it matters diddly squat.

photo of woman looking
Photo by Jan Karlo on Pexels.com


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