Small World

I can’t remember

what I wanted to be

when I was a child,

maybe it was a soldier

who learned how to

survive in the wild.

Back then the world

didn’t look so small

there was adventures to be had

and no wall was too tall.

Our eyes were open

to endless possibilities,

our childish exuberance helped

overcome any lack of ability.

When did the fear arrive

to change our minds,

telling us to be careful

there was too much danger

out there to find.

The joy was taken from our lives

as our world shrank

and we were brainwashed

by all the propaganda and lies.

We were told who to hate

just because

they were different to us

and if we dared to disagree

it was regarded as treasonous.

In this day and age

childhoods are being stolen

by unseen forces to whom

we have become beholden.

Life is being lived off a supervised script

written by the few

who have tightened their grip.

shallow focus photography of brown globe
Photo by Ricky Gálvez on


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