The Hidden Cost

Charging our phones so that

the spies may come alive.

Hiding in our houses they

report back on how we survive.

Every private thought

has been recorded.

and an algorithm will let us

know how we will be rewarded

They traumatise our children

with obscene images

that in the past would have

been considered criminal.

Freedom of speech

is all very well

but try criticising these spies

and you are told to go to hell.

We invited these entities

into our homes

while the hidden cost

remained unknown.

They are in control and make

sure everything is in sync

by force feeding us so much

information that we

don’t know what to think.

Try to turn them off and we worry

about what we have missed

and then we realise it

was futile to resist.

Looking at your child, you have

figured out the hidden cost,

it’s the innocence of

a generation that’s being lost.

apps blur button close up
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