My Story

Fill up my glass

and I will tell you my story,

it’s not an easy one

and it doesn’t end in glory.

Let me take a sip

to wet my dry mouth

then I’ll start at the beginning

and I’ll try not to leave

anything out.

I had a wife and a family as well

but I traded them all

for the pleasures of hell.

I was never satisfied

with what God had planned

so I sold my soul to the devil

because I thought he’d understand.

I never worked hard

but still thought

the world owed me a living

so I cheated and stole from those

who were too forgiving.

They didn’t see me

for what I really was,

a man who didn’t give a damn

for society’s laws.

I left a trail of destruction

in my path, women and children,

it didn’t matter, they all felt

the consequences of my wrath.

Until that faithful day when

my recklessness caught up with me

and they locked me in jail

and threw away the key.

For thirty years I lived

in the darkest of holes

as I tried to win back

the ownership of my soul.

Now what sits in front of you

is an excuse of a man,

who has as much strength left

as a melted snowman.

I will finish my drink

and then be on my way

but let my story be a lesson to you

if you ever think to stray.

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