Where do these thoughts

originate from?

the very ones I lie awake

waiting to come.

Where do they hide

when I’m feeling well?

is there a secret room

in my inner hell.

Where can I go to get rid

of them from my head?

or do I have to wait

until I am laid out dead.

These thoughts that have

grown stronger over the years,

have now won out

and left me in tears.

Was I born with them or

did they find me on their own,

did they emerge from the

shadows when I was alone.

Why can I not resist

their hurtful intentions?

is there no cure or any chance

of an intervention

to release me from

their stranglehold,

or must I continue to

listen and do what I am told.

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  1. In this life you are living
    going up and in your lows
    your mind has been tuned
    to listen to the shadows
    don’t know how to fight it
    and from where it arose
    just know that you want
    to silence the deadly voice.
    They are a lot of possibilities
    and we don’t know them all
    but we have always know
    we must overcome the wall
    we should find gratitude
    we would find happiness
    no matter how hard is the haul.

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