Shooting Stars

I looked at the moon

and I saw your face,

for a brief moment

I returned to a special place.

Where we use to sit

and stare at the sky,

wishing on shooting stars

as the flew by.

My wishes never came true

for all I wanted was to spend

the rest of my life with you,

while you must have wished

for someone better

because you soon left

without even the courtesy

of a goodbye letter.

Now when I see a shooting star

I think of you

and wonder where you are.

Did you find what you wished for

or when you got there

did you find a locked door.

Did you realise

you had made a mistake

but were too proud to admit

all your dreams were fake.

But maybe that’s just

my wishful thinking,

these are the thoughts

that follow my drinking.

In reality you found

what you wished 

and I was the one

who would never be missed.

photo of sky during sunset
Photo by Felipe Helfstein on


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