The Writing Desk

The thrill as a teenager

to sit behind this writing desk,

ideas pouring out

with the hope of writing

something Kafkaesque.

For years this desk held

a special place in your heart,

hours were spent trying

to fine tune your art.

The memories flood back

once you sit down,

running your hand over

its surface now faded brown.

Many a secret

this desk could tell

along with the ideas

you never could sell.

The drawers once filled

with papers full of your dreams

that didn’t make sense

due to their incoherent themes.

Now this desk is

in need of a new home,

maybe an academic wishing

to complete his latest tome

or an aspiring poet

who has things that need to be said

to help him understand

the goings on in his head.

One last look

before I say goodbye

to a chapter of my life

that now has to die.

brown wooden desk
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