Weddings and Funerals

Weddings and funerals

are now where we meet,

a bond once unbreakable

has now gotten weak.

Our conversations are laboured

and without any flow

until one of us picks up the

courage to say

they’ve somewhere to go.

Where once we were

considered inseparable,

now your company

makes me feel uncomfortable.

The fault is not yours,

but mine, I took our

friendship for granted

and didn’t put in the time.

I always meant to stay

in touch and see how you were,

but when it came to it,

I always found a reason to defer.

The opportunity would pass

and then it was too late,

our friendship retreated

back into history to stagnate.

Now when I see you,

I can’t but help feel regret

for losing the best friend

I could ever have met.

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