Fresh Coffee

A fresh cup of coffee

in my hand

while in my head

are thoughts I can’t

quite understand.

I take a sip of the

hot frothy liquid

and for a brief moment

my spirit is lifted.

Sitting here alone

my mind starts to wander

back to pleasant times

for me to ponder,

away from my anxiety

and restlessness,

where I could

do things without feeling

the urge to confess.

In those days

everything seemed possible

and any problems

I encountered were

easily resolvable.

But now I feel

a great weight

holding me down

and it seems anything

I say is met with a frown.

How I wish I could

go back in time

to tell my young self,

savour it for

as long as you can,

for before you know it

you will wake up

some morning and see an old man.

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