What is it that defines

a normal person

is it something we have

spent our whole life rehearsing

so as not to be judged

for being different

to live our lives in a way

that can be regarded

as insignificant.

Is it normal to always

want to run and hide

or not know what

it is to have some pride.

Am I the only

who feels this way

and does it make me abnormal

if I never have anything to say.

What do I have to do

to be regarded as unique,

do I have to be good looking

and have the perfect physique.

Would that enable me

to stand out in a crowd

and when I wanted to speak,

I could shout it out loud.

It is not as if I am

in search of attention

it’s just every now and then

I would appreciate a little affection.

people on sidewalk selective focal photo
Photo by Cameron Casey on


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