Dressing Gown

Every night you appear

in my dreams

why will you not

just leave me alone?

Are you not happy until

you hear me scream?

after all my past mistakes

have been shown.

I hear you laugh

mocking my choices,

then you decide to

share your opinions,

what would I give

to still your voice,

but then you are the ruler

of my mental dominion.

When I awake

your message is ringing

and I spend the day

with my head down,

afraid to go out because

your criticism is stinging.

shuffling around the house

in my dressing gown.

Staring out the window

at the world outside,

wishing for someone to

come and take my hand,

to unlock the door

and be my guide,

to tell me it will be alright

in the promised land,

silhouette photo of a woman looking through window
Photo by Alison Leedham on Pexels.com

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