A Worthy Foe

I thought I could survive

by thinking everything was alright,

that nothing could stand

in my way that

I would not be able to fight.

My life had no worries or,

so I was led to believe

until that day arrived and

I knew I had been deceived.

Depression came calling

one summers morning

after I had ignored

one too many warnings.

It left me in pieces

and down on my knees

with no one around

to hear my sorrowful pleas.

A cloud fell over me

like a dark shadow

leaving me to realise that

I had met a worthy foe.

We battled for years to win

the rights to my soul

until we finally came to

an agreement, we both had a role.

It would have the nights

and I would have the days,

it seemed the obvious

conclusion to our malaise.

woman with red umbrella standing at riverbank
Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

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