The Strange One

I was always regarded

as the strange one,

I always kept to myself

not needing to follow the sun.

I was thought as someone

who was always a bit different,

a person best ignored

and treated as insignificant.

I never had a great job

or the luxury of a lot of money,

the butt of jokes that

I never found funny.

But now I have decided

that I want to be heard

it’s time to stand up for myself

and separate from the herd.

They will have to take me

 for what I truly am

and if they can’t handle that,

I couldn’t give a damn.

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  1. I was always the odd one out in the family. Because I wasn’t needy and didn’t depend on others it was considered by family and relatives that I didn’t need love and support. I managed to survive and cope without them.

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