The Hospital

Doctors appointments

and hospital visits

waiting rooms that

are not expeditious.

No one wants to be here

and those that are

try to hide their fear.

Broken bodies and

troubled minds

all looking for answers

that they can’t find.

Some will be told

that all is okay

while some poor souls

will be told it’s time to pray.

A revolving door for

all sections of society

a place not designed

to ease your anxiety.

For those who work here

it’s best to be blind

even when they face

the accusation of being unkind.

There is no easy way

of sharing bad news

and being ambivalent

only serves to confuse.

Whether it’s just a visit

to keep spirits up

or even if just for

a routine check-up,

when you arrive

at the hospital entrance

it’s near impossible to

show a sign of forbearance.

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