Now that I’m getting older

must I wear some type of uniform,

some sensible clothes

and shoes to help me conform.

Must I throw away my old t-shirts

and the jeans with the holes

and replace them with something

acceptable for my new role.

Beige seems to be the

popular colour for my generation,

but I can only assume

that it is down to desperation

to try and act their age

and exhibit a sense of maturity

in order to guarantee

themselves job security.

Old before their time

and living their lives off a script

their heads lowered

as they remain tight lipped.

I don’t want to live my life

to those expectations,

you have only one chance

to take part in life’s celebrations.

I am not going to waste it

by becoming a slave

and only realise all I’ve missed

when I am ready for the grave.

man in black crew neck shirt and blue distressed jeans wearing eyeglasses
Photo by Tan Danh on


  1. I must smile at your poem. To be frank, your Blog name “The 50 year old poet” contains two beige items, first the word old and second the nasty 50 years. It is easy for me to say since I am 55 turning 56 soon. But always when I see a post of yours I think oh the old man has posted again. That even hurts me, sorry but I had to tell you my thoughts. I fully agree with your todays posting.

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