I’ve given up on this life,

there’s no excitement left.

My soul has been lost

like the victim of a theft.

The joy I once had has

vanished from sight,

all that remains are regrets

that feed off me like a parasite.

To look to the future is

too daunting a task

now that I haven’t the energy

to hide behind a mask.

Every day is greeted by

an obvious lack of passion

the struggle to get through

has left me looking ashen.

The wait will be over soon,

and it will all come to an end,

my only hope is there’s a place

where my heart can mend.

woman standing beside window curtain
Photo by Tess Emily Seymour on


  1. In the midst of the most seemingly impenetrable darkness, there is a light, patiently waiting. That light is the hope you have, that somewhere your heart can mend. Hold onto it. You are a living, breathing treasure.

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