No Turning Back (First posted in April, but I think suitable for today)

Is there is no turning back

in the age of mass shootings?

when online games make

it easy for recruiting.

Looking down the barrel

of an imaginary gun,

killing hundreds is

now regarded as fun.

Young minds being twisted

for the sake of dividends,

lost souls being corrupted

then sent to kill their friends.

The door has been opened

and there’s no going back

now that all sections of

society are under attack.

Politicians in the pockets

of the gun lobby

all declare that it’s

just a harmless hobby.

Fake tears are shed

after every atrocity,

murders committed

by guns of extreme velocity.

Instead of giving oxygen

to the names

of the perpetrators

we should honour

the victims by

putting pressure

on our legislators.

Who needs a gun

that can shoot

hundreds of rounds

especially when they live

next door to a playground.

Innocent lives which

are now just statistics

victims of a world

that is too voyeuristic.

black pistol with bullet shell in mid air
Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on


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