Vivid Blue

All alone listening to

the stillness of the evening,

no interruptions just

the sound of your breathing.

A peace has descended

upon your soul,

a heavenly grace that

has been sent to console.

Eyes closed as you drift

to your favourite place

memories sprung as

you remember every face.

Family and friends

all happy to see you,

standing together

under a sky of vivid blue.

The smell of freshly

cut grass fills the air

a bottle of wine is

produced to be shared.

A toast is offered for

health and longevity

whilst all around is

the feeling of serenity.

Try to enjoy it for

 as long as you can,

for here you know you

don’t have to live to a plan

and all too soon it

will come to an end

as you return to a life you

find hard to comprehend.

sky blue sun ray of sunshine
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on


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