Eternal Glory

The loneliness of

the writer who only has

his words for company,

every day he writes them down

until the flow in harmony.

A vacant look may

settle upon his face

as he retreats into

his inner space.

Where he trawls his mind

for new inspiration

and when once found

fills his soul with

a soothing sensation.

What he writes

he would love to share

but being his worse critic

he doesn’t dare.

Left upon a shelf

to gather dust

like a new bicycle

left outside to rust,

are pages upon pages

of incredible stories

that lay waiting

to be discovered

after he is sent to his eternal glory.

black pen near white printer paper
Photo by lalesh aldarwish on


  1. I Love your writings, words are very important. I hear, see and feel your words. They should not sit on a shelf. They will touch a persons heart that you may not ever know. But they will.

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